Daftar Sundul99

Daftar Sundul99

If you’ve been keeping up with the high-end, lifestyle type of fashion magazines, you will know that not many people know who Daftar Sundul99 is. This hipster lifestyle writer of a fashion magazine who has a flair for hip-hop, is very much at home amongst celebrities and fashion icons. On a recent visit to Sydney’s Woolloomooloo Street, I happened to see Daftar Sundul99 putting on a show. Although his work does have an influence in the fashion industry, it is still about love of fashion and more importantly, clothes.

One can sense a lot of passion in Daftar Sundul99’s writing and designs that get me curious about what he does as a designer work. I do my homework when looking for fashion magazines and I am glad to know that this is a workaholic and lover of style that he is. When he mentions how he “happens to be a big fan of all things fashionable”, I was curious as to how he comes up with such strong opinions about fashion.

So, if you’re curious how he came up with the ideas that make up his fashion magazine, then you should know that he is a first year fashion design student and part time fashion writer. He also has a degree in fashion design, which is one that he is proud of. His love for the style of hip hop never seems to let him miss out on some fashion icon. This is the reason why he tries to incorporate the music genre into his work.

I am sure that this is not a way to earn a living but a good fashion editor and writer will always try to keep up with the changing trends. Especially those of the latest items that are geared towards young and hip hop kids. The Daftar Sundul99 Fashion Awards have been nominated for the best fashion magazine of the year for 2020.

The same publication that has this new, hip-hop influenced line of fashion magazines, also publishes the “Urbanized” fashion magazine, which features articles by famous young hip hop artists. Their goal is to give you the information you need to look stylish and be fashionable. It is not just a fashion magazine but more of a magazine about youth culture and fashion.

The author of the magazine, USA Today described it as “an American teen magazine”. The magazine has grown quite big and is constantly expanding. Many international fashion designers that are appearing on the cover of the magazine where the creations by Daftar Sundul99.

Another aspect that I admire is that he takes part in many fashion shows. I cannot imagine how he does it as he is working full time. One thing for sure, it has given him loads of exposure, but if he continues to work as hard as he does, he will eventually make it big. The fashion world is so competitive, and even though fashion is a small part of the world, it is one that can make you or break you.

Another trend that I admire is that he manages to fit his taste into the designer that he is working with. This is because Daftar Sundul99 is so fond of those products that other famous designers use, that he knows what they like and he uses that information when designing his line of clothing.